Some collectibles or toys may have been taken out of the box to be put only on display only without being played with . if this is a factor then of course it will be added in the description and of it’s condition as most would be considered used if taken out of the box. 

 some collectibles that have not been taken out of the box may still have some type of shelf wear from the item being on display and may become vintage as time passes . If this is the case then any issues with the box will be in the description and displayed in the pictures . We will always try our best to give you the best possible description of the packaging before your purchase of the item .

 With these type of collectibles we Will always have the best description possible as far as any type of issues It may have such as missing or broken parts , scratches , marks etc. or box issue included . so please read carefully and examine the collectible by asking any type of questions you may have or ask for extra pictures To be sent of a certain spot you may need to see as these type of items are NON RETURNABLE since they are collectibles & may have been handled or taken out of the box .we understand how important it may be for certain collectibles to have the box in good condition and are well handled as less as possible by our staff .


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